Automation of written communication

We create solutions that automate your repetitive communication. Our scalable automation solutions will make your communication 24/7 and 365 days online, help you save costs and enable your employees to focus on more creative tasks. Contact us to automate your repetitive communication.

Chatbot development

The team of Beratics has great knowledge and many years of experience in chatbot development. We are happy to advise you on your projects and create AI-based, smooth and intelligent solutions to automate your workflows through chatbots. Our solutions include FAQs answering bots, rule-based bots and handing over the conversation to an agent. You can watch the chatbot actions from a dashboard and get feedback through chatbot analytics as well as through sentiment analysis about customer sentiment. Thanks to the text similarity models of Beratics, our bots can answer any question in various languages without training.

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Machine translation

Our customized machine translation solutions enable you to deploy your products and services worldwide. Thanks to our partner translation agency UniTranslate, we implement our solutions with exact and customized terminology. Please visit UniTranslate’s online translation tool to get an insight into our solutions.

Text classification

Text and topic classification is an important part of automated workflows. Our team builds and tests different models and chooses the best performing model for your project. Our customers receive the source code of the models as well as the results of the project.

Sentiment analysis/opinion mining

Would you like to know what public thinks about your company, product, candidacy or services? Contact us to find out more about the public opinion. We collect and analyze sentiment for you based on different metrics that you can use to increase the quality of your public image.

Data analytics

Beratics uses open-source software in order to develop data applications for custom needs. With the fundamental knowledge and years of experience in data solutions, we help companies to build their own big data solutions.

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Review Response Tool

Review Response Tool is based on natural language generation and enables hotels to respond professionally to their online reviews with one click. The tool has a customized translation interface where the reviews or responses can be translated in 13 different languages.

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OCR / Textract of Beratics

The Beratics Textract makes your image/PDF with one click editable, extracting text from any available script in the world. Our solution also extract texts from XLSX and PPTX files. You get Beratics Textract in Docker containers and can build it easily. You can also integrate our solution into your software projects by implementing the docker image.



Beratics builds customizable solutions that suits the needs of its clients, our intelligent approach to software programming enables us to produce solutions for each need.

Easy installation

The solutions of Beratics arrive in Docker-containers and are built with several clicks.

On site or on cloud hosting

Either make available our solutions on your local network or through a cloud provider. The solutions of Beratics work almost on all operating systems or on cloud-infrastructures.



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