The technology of Beratics automate the written and repetitive communication and achieves around 90% accuracy in answering incoming requests for English language and around 82% accuracy for German language. The solution is trainable and that is why it can achieve higher accuracies.

We create solutions that automate your repetitive communication. Our scalable automation solutions will make your communication 24/7 and 365 days online, help you save costs and enable your employees to focus on more creative tasks.

Which problems do we aim to solve by automation of repetitive and written communication?

  • The customers face same or similar issues -> similar requests or e-mails are sent to customer centers every day
  • Each request must be responded individually but each request is not distinct or different
  • Employees spend several hours per day to generate similar or even the same responses to requests from different customers
  • Employees face challenges during decision-making process, e.g., which path to choose in order to solve the underlying issue and prevent potential issues that might arise from her/his decision.
  • New employees must gain experience in order to learn how the system at the customer centers work in order to become productive -> learning by doing

What are the benefits of automation of written and repetitive communication?

  • Several hours per day is saved per employee
  • Employees can use the saved time to do more creative activities rather than repetitive work
  • Fewer mistakes while solving customer issues since the past will become a guidance for employees
  • Less time for new employees to become productive and integrate
  • A better customer experience thanks to AI

What are the areas of application?

Customer centers are the priority area for application since they are overloaded with solving repetitive issues. Beratics is also interested in implementation of its technology in novel areas.

How does automation of written and repetitive communication works?

Our innovative solution is a simple mechanism developed at Beratics based on open-source technologies. Our system takes the incoming written text and equates it through similarity analysis with a past request and uses the past solution as a template.

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