This video shows the accuracy of our system. The users find the answers to their problems through AI by only one search.


Answer all your FAQs from a single source

The solution of Beratics enables your company to answer all you FAQs from a single source through AI. Do not worry anymore about how the user formulates their question! Our solution answers all questions independent of formulation of the question but dependent on the intent, sentiment and content. 

Reduce the load on your support centers

Our solutions aims to reduce the amount of repetitive communication between support centers and customers through a centralized AI- portal. 

Make your employees available for more creative tasks, make use of AI

Which problems do we aim to solve by automation of repetitive and written communication?

  • The customers face same or similar issues -> similar requests or e-mails are sent to customer centers every day
  • Each request must be responded individually but each request is not distinct or different
  • Employees spend several hours per day to generate similar or even the same responses to requests from different customers
  • Employees face challenges during decision-making process, e.g., which path to choose in order to solve the underlying issue and prevent potential issues that might arise from her/his decision.
  • New employees must gain experience in order to learn how the system at the customer centers work in order to become productive -> learning by doing

What are the benefits of automation of written and repetitive communication?

  • Several hours per day is saved per employee
  • Employees can use the saved time to do more creative activities rather than repetitive work
  • Fewer mistakes while solving customer issues since the past will become a guidance for employees
  • Less time for new employees to become productive and integrate
  • A better customer experience thanks to AI

What are the areas of application?

Customer centers are the priority area for application since they are overloaded with solving repetitive issues. Beratics is also interested in implementation of its technology in novel areas.

Where is it hosted?

The system is installed at a cloud of your choice and can be run from anywhere. 

An alternative to chatbots

Conventional chatbots route the customer to a specific point in order to find out the issue the customer faces. The platform of Beratics solves the issue before it reaches you. Our solution is a self-service customer automation platform. 

Help your customers or employees find answers online

How does automation of written and repetitive communication works?

Our innovative solution is a novel technology developed at Beratics and is based on open-source technologies. Our system takes the incoming written text and equates it through similarity with a past request and uses the past solution as a template. It works best with big data and enables its users to solve issues before contacting a human agent.

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