Business analytics: Combination of data analysis and business analysis.

The unended quest; It is the right phrase to describe the processes, which aim to understand the nature of the business. In our time, these processes use mainly the capability of computers in delivering a huge amount of calculations in a short time. This computational power has huge potential to deliver value. Nevertheless, this power must be guided with intelligence in order to result in measurable progress in the area of interest. This intelligence is the right machine learning model that equates the past with your future.

Business analytics is not a new discipline. Since ancient times, businessmen engage in activities to get relevant information, which they process in guiding their business. The amount of information for any decision is truly endless.

Statistics is a reliable tool to derive sound conclusions.

We measure the soundness of any conclusion through the value that creates in the long term for the underlying business. This value might reflect itself in the profitability, in the goodwill or in any other type of asset.

Statistics and data analysis:

Statistics is a very reliable tool to process information and derive meaningful insights. It can also be regarded as a tool which helps to derive sound conclusions from data. However, statistics by itself is not enough in business applications that is why business analysis is necessary.

Beratics is an expert in combining data analysis with business analysis.

You can read more about the services that we offer in the area of business analytics:

After evaluating your data, we deliver business reports that guide you in your future decisions.

Data analysis and machine learning

Machine learning models are the core of any artificial intelligence project. Choosing the right model is essential for success and needs more than mere theoretical knowledge. Project experience in machine learning, knowledge about similar projects to yours play a key role in the success of your project. We would be glad to help you achieve your goals by implementing the right machine learning models for your project. We have the experience and knowledge to build machine learning models from scratch which form the brain of your software.

What is the role of Beratics in machine learning projects?

We implement all the necessary steps of a machine learning project. You tell us your need and first, we assess the feasibility of your objectives that you would like to achieve using a machine learning model. If feasible, we go on with the following:

  • Data gathering
  • Data cleaning
  • Data evaluation
  • Building the model in order to select the right machine learning algorithm
  • Validating the results and training the model
  • Data visualization and building informal graphs
  • Delivering the results and codes.

We have/use a big amount of pre-trained models and algorithms that will add value to your project from the beginning.

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