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As Beratics, we categorize business digitalization under the following three topics:

  1. Opening a new location that runs on much lower costs for your business, meaning on the internet
  2. Digitalizing business processes (process optimation and automation) to lower costs and human error
  3. Using machine computing power to help you to guide running your business, analytics tools, etc.

Nowadays, 10% of all business transactions in the world happen through online stores and this number keeps growing. In Switzerland, 60% of people say that they visited at least once the website of the company, where they shop, even if it is a local store. The digitalization trend of businesses keep growing and as Beratics, we are ready to cooperate with you to transform your business together.

Our offers:

  1. Business analysis and automation of business processes using different computer languages and ready-made software such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere
  2. Digitizing business services (website creating, content creation and editing through our partner UniTranslate, SEO, Digital marketing)
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so that your customers can find you through a search in Google, Bing, etc.
  4. Analytics integration so that you can track the behavior of your customers receives information about their preferences, interests, etc.
  5. Ads integration and supervision so that you can advertise your business on the internet in a cost-effective way

What can you offer in your website and why do you need it?

  1. It is crucial to be available on the internet to meet potential customers
  2. Digitalization trend keeps growing and most of the young people shop nowadays online instead of visiting a local shop
  3. It is important to provide contact information to your customers or other useful information about your services
  4. You can create a customers area, where you can offer special discounts or make special offers for your loyal customers
  5. You can create a customer base and mail them periodically about news from your company
  6. Share visions and missions of your business online
  7. You can sell your products online through your web-shop and accept international payments without any commissions from banks etc.
App development for desktop, mobile and tablet
Responsive design for all kinds of devices

We provide you the best solution according to the needs of your business. Once your website is developed and ready to use, you can ask us to host and update it for you periodically or you can host it by yourself. We will take care of every problem that you face in the area of digitalization. Call us or send us an E-mail to get a free offer from Beratics.

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