Customer Loyalty is a sign of the future profitability of a company. Any company has one shot for the first impression and relationship with its customer. There are basically two categories for all companies. The portion of people, who have never been a customer and the portion of people who had already their first experience with your company. As the intuition suggests, loyalty analysis can be done who have been already your customer. There are some types of businesses, which basically should not have loyal customers, thus one contact with the customer should be enough to address the needs of it, more than one might indicate for bad customer service., e.g. healthcare industry. Nevertheless, many types of businesses strive to have loyal customers.

A tremendous amount of research has been done to understand the key factors in customer loyalty. All of them agree on one statement: “Customer loyalty is driven by emotions of customers“ and must not have a rational basis.

We are ready to help you to measure the level of loyalty of your customers. This is done by quantifying the need of customer for your product and to compare it with the actual value that is realized by the customer to choose your product.

Through a customer loyalty analysis, we can answer the following questions for you:

  1. What is the level of my customer loyalty? What is the best way to measure it?
  2. After what level is a customer is considered to be loyal and how does this reflect itself onto the balance sheet of our company?
  3. Which marketing strategies are the best to follow in order to consolidate my customer base?
  4. How likely is a customer to return after the first experience?
  5. What are the attributes of my customer base and how did my company achieve to create exactly this base and not any other?
  6. How will a different product or marketing strategy resonate with my existing customer base?
  7. What is the real value of my customer base for our company or any other company?

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