Why to use Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch helps you to search in the database of your company or website. It is a JSON based search and analytics engine designed for horizontal scalability, maximum reliability, and easy management. Moreover, it provides fast search solutions, data analysis tools, and data visualization tools. As Beratics, we are ready to help you to implement Elasticsearch in your company in order to decrease the inefficient time that your employees need to send documents or waiting to receive them. With Elasticsearch you can search a keyword in all your documents or categorize anything according to your wishes.

What is exactly Elasticsearch?

What is Elasticsearch? Answered by the core group that built it…

Data collecting and encrypting

Elasticsearch comes with many different applications that you can use to collect data from your machines like Logstash and Beats. Using the metric analysis tools like Metrics, APM, etc. you can measure all kinds of ratios that give you a better insight into the up-to-date situation of your business. Elasticsearch also allows you to encrypt data, information or folders and let only relevant people to see them. All your data is saved and processed on your own devices, which means that you have basically nothing to worry about security of your business information.

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