Imaging Solutions, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The human aspiration to create a brain that has much more computing power is not accomplishable without imaging solutions. Vision might be the main part of our reality. Developing software that can distinguish between very similar objects or identify some irregularities has been a key area of development in recent years. With the help of artificial intelligence solutions, successful imaging became much easier and widely used.

We help you to gather valuable data from images

Do you have images that can provide you valuable insight into your project? Our advanced imaging software allows us to create the desired data set from images that you can use to deduct valuable information.

Our reference projects in imaging solutions

Beratics helped researchers to analyze images that were taken with SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) in order to measure the diameters of metal catalysts and SiNWs. Furthermore, the growth parameters of SiNWs were statistically analyzed in order to find the optimum values for growth.

Imaging Solutions in Zurich
Semiconductor Industry Zurich
We analyzed the diameter and the number of catalysts on each image.
Grown Silicon Nanowires
Grown Silicon Nanowires

Developing customer tailored imaging solutions

Beratics is expert in developing customer-tailored imaging solutions. Our experts can help you to choose the right hardware that suits your needs or we can develop the right software for your needs, that is trained and ready to use. Developers at Beratics have many years of experience with optical inspection in the semiconductor industry. Our passionate developers focus on your needs and try to find the best solution out of many alternatives. Some of the imaging solutions that we can create for you are the following:

  1. Surface inspection: Software that processes the information from a sensor to differ between products under inspection.
  2. Optical character recognition software tailored for your needs (identification)
  3. Face recognition for your App, website or any other type of software
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