Productivity Increase

Data analytics combined with natural language processing is a reliable tool to increase your efficiency, thus having more output per time-input. Using data visualization tools, we can show you in detail what to improve/change and how it will affect your production efficiency. It is not unusual that a machine stops because of an error for hours, delaying all the production plan and scheduled deliveries. Using the .log files of your system, we are capable to detect the root cause for downtime and reduce them to a minimum and suggest you concrete methods to improve your efficiency. Our software development team would love to create tailored solutions for your company that will react to automatic errors in a way that an employee would. Through the use of natural language processing tools, we can convert an error into a format to which humans or machines can respond and solve the problem in a much shorter time.

Productivity Increase Diagramm
Productivity Increase

We can increase your efficiency/productivity by finding the best sequence of goods to produce. This allows us to create a production flow that is in accordance with your delivery plan but can still decrease downtime and maintenance costs.

It is very common that the same machines are used to produce goods that differ in size, shape or some other characteristics. While interchanging between the production of goods with different characteristics; it takes time for machines to adjust to the new settings because of various reasons. Your yield date will allow us to find the best combinations of goods to produce or in other words, we will tell you the best sequence to follow and/or which sequences not to follow.

Identifying solvable problems is the first step in to increase productivity

Another application area is to find the root-cause of defects or mistakes in manufacturing. Again through data analytics, we are able to help you in finding the root causes of any type of events that result in lower output than practically achievable.

Intelligent questioning is essential to understand the underlying issues

Through cooperation which might fall under the objective that is productivity increase, we can answer the following questions:

  1. How can we produce the same amount of goods while keeping all other inputs constant and lowering the time input at the same time?
  2. How can I respond faster to errors or eliminate them before arising, which cause a machine to stop, thus how to reduce downtime?
  3. What is the practically achievable maximum output in a given time frame? In this case, the final output might be the same good or also might be different goods distributed over a given time frame that is chosen so that it reflects the general state of the whole production.
  4. How does a productivity increase reflect itself onto the profitability of my company or onto the competitiveness? Does it make sense to try to increase my productivity while keeping all other inputs constant or is it more profitable to change the other inputs, thus to increase/decrease the amount of labor or investing in “better equipment”?
  5. How will a productivity increase affect my supply chain and prices that I offer to my customers?

Employee surveys are essential in understanding the issues that arise on the floor which are not yet addressed by the management

Employees often face the same challenges every day which are easily solvable through digitalization or alike solutions. Every manager contacts employees to get relevant information about important matters. Nevertheless, employees might not reveal everything that they face daily since it might harm another colleagues reputation or make them look as if they complain too much. It might be that they can not formulate the problems correctly but in most cases, they know about them and sometimes how to address them. That is why we at Beratics think that employee surveys, which keep the anonymity of employees are essential. This is the only way to understand what employees feel during work, what the biggest challenges for them are and how the managers can address them. We as Beratics, are ready to formulate the right questions for your employees and analyze thousands of surveys through natural language processing tools in order to give your decision makers valuable insights.

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