Statistical Analysis of the parameters involved in the growth of Silicon Nanowires

Silicon Nanowires (SiNWs) are the main component of a thermoelectric generator, as being the main semiconductor in this electronic system, they convert a temperature gradient into the electrical energy. Their productivity is very important for higher efficiencies of these generators. Higher productivity is in a direct relationship with the optimized material properties, thus electrical and dimensional. Both properties can be influenced during the silicon nanowire growth. That is why the growth of the SiNWs is the most crucial section in a thermoelectric generator (TEG) fabrication process.

Thermoelectric Generators are placed in remote places to power sensors, e.g. to collect meteorological data

Thermoelectric Generator Simple Presentation
Thermoelectric Generator Simple Representation

We analyzed the provided images by our analysis software that were taken with a Scanning Electron Microscope. Furthermore, we did a statistical analysis of the underlying data. Our analysis contained 8 different free parameters.


Based on our analysis, we could derive the optimum values for parameters that optimize the efficiency of TEGs. Our work increased the efficiency of TEGs by 8-12 percent, which allowed them to be used for commercial purposes and to power the desired sensors in remote places. Furthermore, we could lower the costs of production dramatically by decreasing production time.

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