Systematic energy from waste (EfW) plant Net-Present-Value optimization scheme development

The management of waste requires generally political decisions. During the decision phase, many aspects are taken into consideration, e.g. effects on human health, environment, and profitability.

Energy from Waste Plant
HZI Energy from Waste Plant

How to decide what to do with waste: Net-Present-Value

NPV is the key parameter that the investors look at during a decision process

How to categorize costs?

Categorization of costs in a WtE plant
Categorization of costs in a WtE plant

How much does it cost on average for WtE plants to integrate a piece of equipment and make it ready to work that was bought for 1$?

Calculation the bare module factor for WtE plants
Calculation the bare module factor for WtE plants

We analyzed all the past projects to make future estimations for Net-Present-Value. Our work included the effect of regulations and subventions from institutions like the European Commission for Environment, Energy, Health and Safety, etc. Moreover, we priced in other inventions like green bonds that have a substantial effect on the profitability because of tax issues. Furthermore, we also took into account different factors like geolocation of the plant and different types of plants.


According to our agreement with Hitachi Zosen Inova, we can not disclose any numbers. Nevertheless, our work proved that the future of WtE investments is bright and promising.

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