Respond to all topics mentioned by your customer

Get each topic answered and let your potential guests know that you care about them.


Talk to your customers professionally in 13 languages

Get your reviews and  responses in different languages, correctly written and beautifully formulated. Increase your  ranking in search engines! Be in the first page of searches in the whole world for your area by using 13 different languages!


Add prebuilt greeting, closing and ending lines

Add the right line for ending and closing of your response, invite your guests in the right way to come back or to recommend your services to their friends!


Solve conflicts by prebuilt and customizable paragraphs

Add key sentences to your responses to turn a negative review into a positive one. Make it good again by clicking a button. Our tool knows how to make it good again!


Yearly report for management

Get the yearly analytics report of your online reviews by our experts. Manage your future by having a better image of your past! Get to know your yearly performance in each category and get a chance to compare your results with others around you. Find out what customers think about your services and how you can get better online ratings!

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