Let’s begin with the following important question:

Why to respond to negative reviews?

Let us first take a look at statistics to get a healthy picture of the connection between online reviews and customer choice:

  • 94% of customers read reviews before choosing a hotel (e-tailing group). Firstly, customers look for a hotel with specific characteristics and price. Secondly, they read reviews before deciding between competitors in a category. That is why reviews are the most decisive parameter for customers in choosing a stay in the relevant category.
  • “Travelers spend an enormous amount of time researching hotels online. On average, hotel consumers made twelve visits to the website of an Online Travel Agency (OTA), requested 7.5 pages per visit, and spent almost five minutes on each page before booking.” (Cornell University Research, April 2011)
  • An appropriate response to reviews from hotel management is more likely to make TripAdvisor users book (57%), improves the overall impression of the hotel in the eyes of the potential customers (84%) and makes a potential customer think or feel that the hotel cares about its services (78%). (PhoCusWright, September 2012)
  • Here is the research of PWC that explains why hotel reviews matter and how hotels respond

Why is it hard to formulate a professional response?

Many issues arise during formulating a good review response. Especially, responding to negative reviews requires good writing and formulation skills. A quick look at thousands of responses in Tripadvisor or Booking revealed that there is a need for support for hotels to guide them while formulating a response to a review. Our research concluded that writing a bad response is much worse than giving a bad service once. Bad service turns off one customer but a negative review without an adequate response will cost thousands of potential customers.

Most of the responses that are published by hotels have the following problematic characteristics:

• Incorrect usage of language and wrong grammar in 82% of all responses which disrupts the reputation and brand name of the hotel
• Unprofessionally written responses
• Wrong formulation of sentences and wrong sequence of sentiments in the formulation
• Non-customized response or in other words a generic response to all reviews based on old fashioned templates. In the eyes of the customer, generic responses are a sign that the hotel does not give enough importance to feedbacks.
• Insufficient coverage of topics that are brought into discussion by guests
• Writing responses to negative reviews as if they were positive
• Non-usage of search-engine-optimized (SEO) language which lowers the ranking in a Google, Booking or Tripadvisor search

Consider receiving a bad review such as: “The nightmare starts with check in, you have to wait about to hour in because why would one more person working the desk be a thing!
When you do finally reach the desk you are greeted by a person who genuinely hates their job and couldn’t care less about your experience. The customer service at this hotel is the WORST! And they dont care.
After you get treated like dirt by an employee at checkin you finally go up to your room and its disgusting!!
 There are black hairs on the desk the confiter is starting to yellow on one end and the bathroom is dirty!

This hotel is way overpriced and not worth a single penny!
Save yourself the trouble and stay literally anywhere else!”

How would you respond professionally to online reviews? Revuow does it in seconds, here is the answer of Revuow:


Dear Guest

It’s very unfortunate that your stay in our hotel didn’t exceed your expectations. We regret you weren’t entirely satisfied with our check-in and service. We care deeply about the happiness and satisfaction of our guests, so we’ll address all of your concerns with the appropriate members of our team so that we may improve moving forward. We do hope that you give us another opportunity to share a more positive experience with you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Director of Hotel

 Revuow generates at least 10 different responses to any review.

Revuow enables your hotel or restaurant to solve all the above-mentioned problems and respond to all kinds of reviews in 13 languages in seconds. The cloudbased AI-Tool Revuow:

  • is fast, very fast. It takes typically 2 seconds to formulate a response,
    enables you to respond to reviews without comments,
  • generates a customized response to all topics and sentiments including neutral and mixed sentiments thanks to natural language processing methods,
  • correct usage of 13 languages (Arabic, Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Taiwanese, Turkish) and generated responses use correct grammar and are formulated just in the right way to persuade your potential customers,
    search engine optimized formulation of generated language,
  • gives you responses in thousands of different formulations with the same meaning,
  • is based on an artificial intelligence-based algorithm that allows us to generate better responses every day
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