Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis uses mainly natural language processing tools in order to find out what a group of people think, feel and say about a company, product or an entity in general. In some cases, it is also called opinion mining.

An example of sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis can be applied either to find out the opinion of the public about an entity or it can also track the sentiment that arises during or after the interaction that occurs between a customer and an entity. For example, one can use Twitter or Facebook to find out which airline has the highest customer satisfaction. Let’s assume that there are two airlines and they follow different strategies if a flight is canceled. While one of them provides free accommodation, which would cost around 80$ per night, the other one pays this amount to customers in cash. Sentiment analysis will measure the response of the customers to these different strategies and will allow one of the airlines to change its strategy and choose the one that results in higher customer satisfaction.

Sentiment analysis as a tool to measure customer satisfaction

In the tourism industry, especially in hotel and restaurant businesses, it is important to find out what the customers think about the services. Customers generally complain about the same issues and for many companies, it takes a while to realize what the customers do not like and to address it. Sentiment analysis guide and help companies to adapt fast and service their customers in a better way.

Sentiment analysis as a tool to measure the resonation of a product in the market

There are many ways to measure the resonance of a product in the market. The easiest way would be to look at the numbers sold of a product in a given time frame. Nevertheless, there are many people, who just want to try out a brand new product. In these cases one can rely upon only one question: Would you buy it again? Of course, even this question is case specific, in some industries like healthcare, the interaction between the customer and the service provider is ideally once. While in other industries like consumer staples, it is essential that the customer stays loyal to the brand and keeps buying the same product. As Beratics, we help you to analyze the resonation of your product in the market through social media, internet, and platform that allow people to express their opinion.

Sentiment analysis as a tool to analyze surveys and understand the key issues

Everyone and every entity need feedback to survive. Some entities get a huge amount of feedback that they can not process with human power. Our customer-tailored sentiment analysis tools will allow you to discover the key issues that your customers or visitors address. Combining statistical analysis and natural language processing tools (e.g. Python) allow us to analyze thousands of documents in a matter of seconds.

Sentiment analysis as a tool to analyze employee surveys

Employee satisfaction plays a big role in order to attract and recruit the best minds in the industry. An easy way to measure employee satisfaction is employee surveys. Nevertheless, in many cases, they are too big to analyze, sometimes handwritten and almost impossible to read. Our OCR-reader tools combined with sentiment analysis tools allow us to analyze your documents in a very short time and let you discover the hot issues that your employees talk about.

Sentiment analysis as a tool to measure the voice of the customer

Many companies that have a big customer base use call centers to provide services to their customers. Mostly, those call centers are the most important way of interaction between the customer and the company and the quality of the provided service have the biggest influence on the long term relationship between the company and the customer. Using a frequency analysis one can derive the sentiment of customers during a phone call and intervene if necessary or find the issues that result frequently in a conflict between the customer and the company.

Beratics is developing customer-tailored solutions in sentiment analysis, our services include the implementation of all of the above and furthermore:

  • Analysis of online reviews about your business, visualization of findings in 25 different key metrics and writing a report that will help you to identify your weaknesses and key strengths.
  • Analyzing the situation of your competitors and comparison of key metrics (Business Intelligence)
  • Brand awareness analysis
  • Defining the main characteristics that drive the customers to your business
  • Defining which aspects of your business were trendy in the last years and which aspects going up in the trend

Our report helps managers to make key decisions based on statistics. Many managers and CEOs around the world find our insights very helpful. Review analysis is based on verified information and customer feedback. Our report provides information to managers and CEOs on changeable parameters, e.g. staff, atmosphere, design, special services, etc. Moreover, they get very valuable insight into what their competitors do, so that they can improve their own services.

Sentiment analysis has become a wide area of research in the late years. You can read about the sentiment analysis (natural language processing) research in Switzerland from various sources:

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